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After being in the business of creating/curating images for Realtors and homeowners for over 6 years one thing is clearer than ever, that high end real estate photography has an incredibly significant impact on both the success of listings and the future success of realtors. I've seen many agents choose to "save money" by employing an amateur photography company only to witness their listings spend more days on market and eventually their steady decline in the business. There are many factors that influence the success of a real estate agent but with the average homeowner being photography savvy in todays world of media it is increasingly difficult to impress sellers with mediocre work.

Real Estate Photography Houston

Here are the top 3 reasons why professional real estate photography is essential for success.

1. Create A Recognizable Brand

Whether it's consciously or subconsciously, we are all intimately aware of the aesthetics of our favorite brands. This isn't by accident. The most successful brands have meticulously chosen how to present every detail of what it is they are selling us to create the maximum amount of appeal. One of the most influential factors being the photography (cameras used, lenses, compositions and edits).

Just like these brands, the photos you use are a vital part of your brand and can make or break a sale. Sellers today want to know that you are invested in their investment. Professional photography will help you create a strong brand that people can take seriously and resonate with. This will tell potential clients that you take your job seriously and are a real estate expert. My top producing clients utilize professional photos for every type of listing. You want potential clients to see consistency so that they know you have systems in place and take every client seriously.

It's surprisingly commonplace for some of the most prolific agents I work with to spontaneously have a new client that fired their previous agent immediately upon seeing the images from their photography team. OUCH! This is understandable considering that homeowners want the best odds at selling quickly and above asking price. These are some of the most enjoyable jobs for me as it's an opportunity to offer additional value by impressing my clients new sellers with images they can resonate with and feel confident about utilizing to sell their home at top dollar. 💥😎💥


With just about everyone on the planet perpetually swiping away at what they deem to be good, bad and ugly it is increasingly difficult to capture someone's attention. Since listing photos are the very first impression a potential buyer has of a listing it is crucial to have stunning photos. Millennials now make up more than 43% of homebuyers according to NAR and their standards for quality media is higher than any previous generation. According to the Washington Post 87 percent of buyers relied on photos to make their decision and that homes with professionally photos sold nearly 40 percent faster. High end real estate photography is the key to making that effective first impression.

3. Listings with professional photos sell faster and at a higher price.

According to a study done by the Washington Post homes with professional real estate photos sold nearly 40 percent faster. In addition, professionally photographed listings commanded a 47 percent higher asking price.

“Professional photographers know how to make the ordinary look extraordinary,” “It is well worth paying a professional photographer that understands photography for real estate.”

Let's grow your business together!

I care about the success of your business and appreciate each and every one of my clients. As the owner and photographer I offer my clients an unmatched level of customer service and consistently deliver some of the highest quality photography in Houston. View my full menu of services and schedule your next photoshoot with us here. I look forward to helping you build your brand!



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